Yell and Roar to the Beat of Cheerleading

People shout…Crowds roar…cheerleadinglogo

And your favorite cheerleading squad flips and jumps and flexes in their colorful outfits as they move their bodies to their beautiful routine.

Sure sounds like one of those “Bring It On” movies, right? It’s the perfect climax for the typical “competition-gets-on-the-nerves” plot.

While the present squads are composed mostly by girls and the very few male cheerleaders are depicted in movies as some sort of gay, the first cheering squads in as early as 1890s are originally composed of all males. The first cheerleading fraternity was organized in 1903, and yes, it was composed by males. It was only in 1923 that women started joining in. And ever since cheering squads was formed, the activity has caught great interest. But it was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that had really put the spotlight on cheerleading when they performed with their stylish outfits and dance routines. Since then, the world of cheerleading has evolved to what we now appreciate it to be.

Cheerleading has been popularized by the movies and songs, and usually they depict cheerleaders as the “top of the social food chain” (as stated by cheerleader Christina in the movie Bring It On: Fight to the Finish). While movies tend to exaggerate things up a bit, that part has truth to it. Cheerleaders somehow belongs to the top leaders for their schools, and this may be accounted to their bringing the spirit of the school with them as they do their cheering routines, whether in a game or for a competition. Some political figures and popular celebrities are former cheerleaders, and that includes ex-President George W. Bush, Dwight Eisenhower, Halle Berry, Madonna, and many others.

Cheerleading is not just a simple regular sport. It requires dexterity, flexibility, sharpness, and loads of stamina and perseverance to achieve the cheerleading perfection. So if you want to be one, you know that you’ll need more than pompoms ready to really bring it on!


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