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Wearing Glasses Is Not The Best Solution To Blurry Eyesight

Wearing glasses and contact lenses had apparently grown to be a fashion fad nowadays. A decade ago wearing glasses may be considered to geeky and out of style. But things have changed ever since fashion magazines declared that “geeks are the new sexy”. This may be the reason why more and more individuals would now dare to wear specs even if it is clearly causing a lot of stress on their eyes.

If you are tempted to go to the nearest eye clinic to get your own pair of fashionable artificial lenses, you should know that while these may improve your vision for as long as you are still wearing them, those glasses could not cure your eye problems permanently. In fact, they could keep your eyes from healing themselves.

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The longer you wear those lenses, the more you are letting your eyes become too dependent on them. Those pair of glasses you wear might be preventing your eyes from relaxing and working properly on their own.

Why should you depend on some artificial lenses when all you have to do is keep your eyes relaxed and avoid strain? Free your eyes from anything that could cause stress and strain. While this may not be as easy as it sounds, at least it doesn’t aggravate the problem with your eyesight.

If you think that you really need to wear a pair of glasses or contact lenses, you would find that one of the major challenges you would be facing is finding the perfect prescription for your eyes. That is because just like almost every organ of the body, your eyes are subject to change. Your eye prescription won’t always stay the same, and it is subject to the many different factors and aspects that could cause it to change, such as the weather, your health, or any outside stressors that could affect it your eyesight. Your eye prescription on a rainy day and you are in a bad mood would be different from your prescription when you had on a sunny day and in a better mood.

If you are already wearing your own pair of specs and you wanted to try relieving your eyes from the strain it may be causing you, try going without them for a few days, or for a few weeks. You would probably say that everything looks blurry at first. After starting to get used to it, you’ll see that you can see a bit more clearly. Here’s a tip: keep yourself from any high or extreme mental strain, and try to be more relaxed. Keep your eyes from too much stress, and give it a rest when your eyesight starts to become blurry and out of focus.

Not everyone is advised to wear prescription glasses or artificial lenses. Wearing them may not be best for our eyes. Instead of curing your eyesight problem, it can teach our eyes to be too lazy from working properly on their own. The best solution to blurry eyesight is not wearing prescription glasses, but keeping off from too much mental strain.

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