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2015 is out, 2016 is in. And with the New Year comes new fashion style expectations. This year, we expect to see some of the 2015 styles still survive this year. We are also open to new fashion style innovations that might surprise us. Some may be from the past decades, while some are surely unique to our new age.

Here is a glimpse of what we might see this year on the runway, according to our fashion authorities including Forbes, ABCNews, Inquisitr and even our little fashion expert online, Instagram.


Yes, we have flatforms now. You might have even seen a glimpse of it on Instagram before. It’s still as thick as it always has been, just like platform heels. What’s the difference is that it stays elevated all over. From heel to toe, the height stays they same. It might look a little bulky though, but we’re sure you can find one that will not be too heavy on the feet.

What’s good about flatforms is that it will not put your feet and your toes under too much stress, unlike the usual heels we wear. The usual heels would be elevated at the heel part, then going down so sexily to the toe part. It seems that 2016 fashion is going for what is more comfortable rather than just style.  While this might be a bit awkward to wear at first, your feet are saved from the constant strain of your usual heels.

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This style from the 70s is now making a comeback. Tie dye, they say, are here to stay, as seen in the few spring  2016 collections which was presented during the Fashion Week last, September 2015 in New York.

Surely you can remember that the tie-dye was also a hot fashion style for a few years during the 90s. Its popularity may have faded for a while, but it is still here. This refreshing style with an outburst of happy colors is definitely perfect for the spring season. Expect a lot of tie-dyed shirts, pants and dresses this year.


Metallic items will always be around. Everyone wants a shiny bling or two on their bodies. Gold and silver are always in. Bronze also gives off a good radiant color. The queen side of every female will always want anything metallic on the skin.

This year, metallic eye makeups are hot. Pastel colors are still here to stay, but shimmering eyes are making a showy return in fashion. So are metallic tattoos, which started to be trendy in the later part of 2015. Jewelries will always be fashionable.

We can also expect unique blings such as the palm bracelet. This is one of the hot fashion items on Instagram. Check it out and you can see that #palmbracelet is posted everywhere, showing the many possibilities of this bracelet.


This is one of the new fashion items made by Victoria Beckham which was presented in the last September 2015 Fashion Week. While this might look overly huge on the model’s thin body, there’s no denying the classy smooth leathery appeal of this bag.



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