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The Perfect Wedding Shoes

For another year we welcome the month of June, which is particularly known to be a month for weddings.

I love weddings, I love looking at the blissful satisfaction you see on couples that are getting married, the love that radiates from them as they kiss… Weddings are such glorious events, probably the closest thing to fantasy that a girl could experience. And no one would ever want to ruin the precious moments when a girl marries his prince. Everything must be perfect, or at least close to perfection—from the venue, the entourage, down to the very last details of the bride’s gown and bridal shoes. Especially the shoes.

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The bride would be very choosy when it comes to the shoes. To find the perfect pair, she would be asking what color would be best, if the shoes are beautiful enough, if her feet look wonderful on it, and if the shoes perfectly match the gown she would be wearing. I had a friend who is getting married, and until now she is still searching for the best pair that would take her feet down the aisles. She says the moment is memorable, so she must also find the most memorable shoes to wear. But of course, that’s true.

There’s just one thing that most people tend to forget when they are trying to find the best shoes is that the comfort must never be compromised because of how it looks. When shopping, one must not focus merely on how pretty a pair is, but must also check if it would cause more pain on the feet than it was worth. Of course the bride would want to look her best down to the very last detail, and wearing the most elegant, most stylish pair of heels would be wonderful. But that’s not the only factor to be considered.

Comfort should not be the least priority, especially for bridal shoes. The ceremony would last for a very long time, there’s the photo shoots, the reception, dancing, and more photo shoots. You don’t want to have your feet covered in blisters at the start of your honeymoon. It would be too much of a sacrifice for a beautiful pair if you can’t walk properly after the wedding. With that, you might decide to prepare two sets of footwear for the wedding, one pair of high-heeled shoes for the ceremony, and a pair of flats or wedding flip-flops for after the wedding ceremony. This is a very good advice especially to those who are not really that comfortable walking in heels.

Or if you want, you might want to just select the shoes with lower heels. Choose 3-inch heels, or lower. You would want to avoid the stilettos if you want to spare yourself from the possible embarrassment of falling on your face. You could say stilettos are graceful and elegant, and would surely match your wedding dress perfectly. But the possible accident that might happen is not quite an amusing thought to ponder. Better be safe than sorry afterwards.

A perfect wedding is every girl’s dream. It’s rather a tall order. But we can set off by finding the perfect shoes.


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