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The Art of Seduction

Kiss Kouture Sold by ZOOSHOO

Kiss Kouture Sold by ZOOSHOO

Every woman would love to master the art of seduction; the problem is, it’s not a very easy art to master. If you have the good looks, then that could lessen the difficulty, but that doesn’t mean that having the face that has the potential to lure a man to his downfall could make a woman an expert in this art. There are some other traits that you need to acquire before you can even turn your appeal on to start catching the attention of any male species of human race, traits such as elegance, grace, good poise and confidence.

If you have the money, you could easily get all these with a good pair of stylish pair of designer heels and week or two with a personal good poise instructor. But even if you can’t get any one of these luxury items, you still have the chance of acquiring the seduction skills with a pair of cute and sexy pair of heels that could be on sale in your local shoe shop, or in a good online shop. But you will need a good eye for exotic designs and styles, and dedication to fulfilling the necessary pre-requisites for the mastering of the art of seduction.

You can find great deals on sophisticated and unique heeled footwear as long are up to the time-consuming task of finding yourself a good pair of shoes. There are really nice pairs of pumps, sandals, and even stilettos. Do make sure that you get the right size of shoes for your feet. If you get something too small your toes could be cramped up and you could get bunions. If you get something to large, you could slip and stumble while walking, and that might lead to more injuries. You might end up getting broken ankles or legs just because you insisted on getting a very pretty pair of heels that is unfortunately one size larger than your feet. Also, it might not be a good idea to go out with a newly bought pair of high heels, especially if they have a stiff ankle part.

Once you get yourself the pair you want to wear, you can start by practicing your posture while walking on those shoes, maybe even putting a book or two on the top of your head while you walk to achieve that perfectly straight and confident back. For the practice session it would be better to wear the safer platform heels than the dangerous stilettos. It would even be better if you could start practicing with the safe low-heeled shoes, such as the kitten heels before you get to the more complicated heels. If you are thinking of going out with a pair of ballet heels, then make sure you are well-practiced with walking on tiptoes.

Never stoop while you walk because that gives the people the idea that you are not confident about yourself and that doesn’t make a good impression. Once you get the hang of it, walk tall and stand taller, and know that you are stunning the crowd with every step you take.


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