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Make An Impression With A Stylish Pair of Boots

What’s the next sexiest pair in the shoes family next to a pair of red killer stilettos? Yep, that would be the shiny black, thigh-hugging, heeled boots. Wear it on tight leather jeans with a leather jacket and you would look like a movie star on an action movie, ready to mount a motorbike to go kill the bad guys.Stylish Boots

Maybe it had been created for its functional use in the past, but today women’s boots have developed into something that belongs to the fashion industry. There are many kinds and designs of these stylish shoes, and they could also vary on how long the legs are (from ankle boots to thigh-high ones), how high the heels are (from the very low-heeled ones to the more daring 6 inches high or more), and the thickness of the heels. High heeled leather boots, especially the ones with pointed toes are what’s “in” nowadays. The ones with really long and very thin heels are also quite popular, maybe because it exudes an aura that you are capable of doing great things since you can walk confidently on a pair of shoes that belongs to the “high-level walking difficulty” category. There is also a wide variety of colors to choose from, although it just used to be black, brown and white. There are red, yellow, and even pretty pink ones now.

There are also boots which are customized for specific purposes. For example, there’s the horse-riding boots, the most popular would be the Western cowgirl style with the thin little strips of leather hanging all over its back. They usually come in black or brown colors, although there are some boot makers who might be able to give you a custom-made one. A pair of these boots would usually match a western style skirt or capri pants.

There is also the bike riding boots—the black ones radiates with an extra- sexy and adventurous look. And there are many other designs that would make you wish you were as rich as Bill Gates so that you could own every pair. They are mostly made of leather, with straps or zippers conveniently placed for a fitted wear. It is most striking when worn with some tight-hugging jeans paired with a black leather jacket.

The design of the boots matter only in so far as to what is the purpose of wearing it (if there is any purposes), but beyond that, they look classy and elegant, and also make the wearer look sizzling hot. Whether you wear it for a party or when you’re going for a night-out with your girlfriends, a pair of these boots would make you look ready to rock the night away.

What’s important with wearing a pair of boots is that you have to make sure you are comfortable with them. You don’t have wear something that gets too tight around the upper part, or you’d risk getting some injury. Remember, comfort should always be the priority when selecting anything you wanted to wear.

Now when you think you have the perfect boots, then don’t be ashamed to show off. If you got it, you have to flaunt it!


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