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Follow This Winter’s Floral-Trend

Florals do not have to be restricted to spring or summer. In fact, it’s more important to choose the right print rather than the perfect timing. Florals are a great choice for winter because they add a lot of drama and colour in an otherwise dull few months. The best thing about such designs is their perfect suitability for women of all ages for example many floral designs are used for mother of the bride suits by designers. One can also take inspiration from other natural patterns, such as stars, and amalgamate them into a floral theme.

Never wear floral prints with mixed materials, e.g. wearing a jacket or scarf that both carry floral designs that clash with each other. Go for cotton, linen and chiffon if you want to create a more delicate feel. Alternatively, if you need to add warmth, go for plush cashmere, velvet or rich satin.

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Trousers to take you from day to night

Floral trousers with dark backgrounds can be worn anytime during the day and night. If you choose them for eveningwear, add a dash of red lipstick and accessorise yourself with simple jewelry.

Long sleeves

Go for a winter floral dress with long sleeves. Stilettos would look great accompanying such an outfit at night, while a more casual look chosen for the daytime will look better with ankle boots and a cross body bag.

Floral coat

A floral coat will look stunning in the winter and make a real statement. You will be surprised to see just how much a floral coat can impress, especially in the evening. Go for neutral colors and make sure the coat is stylish and fits your body shape well.

Floral skirts

Go for printed skirts with a plainer, dark top. Enhance your look further by wearing heels in a complementary colour. Or go for a muted look by adding leather boots or switching to a floral top with a denim shirt.

Long lengths and bold designs

A bold floral print with flowing blooms would look perfect on longer clothes. Keep the more dainty designs for smaller garments, such as tops and scarves. Apply lipstick that matches the most prominent colour in the design for well-tailored sophistication and pick nice accessories in the same colour to complete your winter floral look.

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