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Enchanted Wedding of the Year: Sean Parker and Alexandra Lena

Enchanted Wedding of the YearRemember the enchanted wedding of billionaire Sean Parker and singer-songwriter Alexandra Parker? Everyone who knew of the wedding and saw the pictures of the event was enthralled by how magical it all looked. It was something like a medieval-themed wedding, although Parker denied that in one of his tweets.

It was definitely not a simple wedding that took place in the forest located at Big Sur, California. It even costed $10 million. The ceremony was inspired by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and the popular HBO’s drama series, Game of Thrones. Everything spells “magical”, from the stone bridges and the forest venue, everyone’s dresses and outfits, the invitations that looked like magical scrolls, the leather-bound keepsake volume, the cake, and down to the very tiny details. There was even a pen of cute bunnies that the guests can cuddle. There was also a ruin and a waterfall. Everything was “elegant, tasteful, and magical”, Parker’s friend John Perry Barlow said in one of his tweets.

Not everyone can have this kind of wedding though, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have our own kind of fairy tale wedding. Here are some of our wedding dress suggestions. They may not be the same as Alexandra Parker’s Daenerys Targaryen dress, but they’re simple and beautiful, which is just perfect for any gorgeous and blushing bride.

Fiesta Formals have lots of dresses to choose from, but here are our top choices: a satin gown, a sweet gown that has a crystals brooch on the middle part of the waist, and another strapless beauty with gems and sequins on the waist. These all look graceful and elegant.

And these are our top choices from all the simple yet charming dress selections from PacificPlex: an all white princess gown, a simple mesh fairy gown, a metallic beaded lace gown, and a goddess empire strapless gown with sparkling rhinestones on the waist. We also have our eyes on their Mother of the Bride chiffon formal wedding gown. It just looks so classy.

If you want your gown to be more “princess-like” instead of the simple yet elegant ones, there’s this Zicac New Quinceanera Strapless White Organza Wedding Dress.

As for the accessories to go with yout gown, here are our choice brands with gorgeous accessories: Accessoriesforever, USABride Jewelry, and Melissa Kay Collection. They’re beautiful, and inexpensive.

Autofor also has some unique accessories if you want something more lacy and vintage. And Strap N Guard’s crystal shoulder pin-straps would be perfect for strapless gowns.

We may not have a big Parker wedding, but we can have the best wedding we deserve.

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